Webinar: Family outings (in Spanish)

2020-07-23T10:44:45-04:00July 23rd, 2020|BNDG News|

Vous cherchez des activités sécuritaires à faire en famille pendant l'été? Looking for safe family activities to do this summer? ¿Busca actividades familiares seguras para hacer este verano?   MERCREDI 29 JUILLET - 15h (en espagnol) Wednesday July 29 - 3pm (in Spanish) Miércoles 29 de july a las 3pm 

SCHOOL FROM HOME Resources and tips to help parents and kids

2020-06-18T12:05:29-04:00June 18th, 2020|BNDG News|

Des ressources et des conseils pour aider les parents et les enfants à bien finir l'année scolaire! Resources and tips to help parents and kids finish the school year well! Ressources pédagogiques/ Educational resources CSDM Trousses pédagogiques/educational kits: https://csdm.ca/parents-eleves/coronavirus-covid-19/trousses-pedagogiques/ ÉCOLE OUVERTE, plateforme pédagogique/educational platform: https://ecoleouverte.ca/fr/ ÉCOLE À DISTANCE: Secondaire, outil plurilingue/multilingual distance learning tool for high school: https://view.genial.ly/5ec41fa3e3d9f00d86204680/vertical-infographic-ecole-a-distance-secondaire ÉCOLE À DISTANCE ET DURANT L'ÉTÉ: Préscolaire et primaire, outil plurilingue/multilingual distance learning tool for preschool and elementary school: https://view.genial.ly/5ed0440f2462e8120cfcc852/vertical-infographic-aider-mon-enfantprimaire TÉLÉQUÉBEC EN CLASSE, outil pédagogique/educational tool: https://enclasse.telequebec.tv/ ALLOPROF, aide aux devoirs et aux leçons/help with homework and lessons:http://www.alloprof.qc.ca/ YMCA accompagnement aux devoirs sur Zoom/ homework help on Zoom https://chezvous.ymcaquebec.org/jeunesse/reussite-scolaire/ TOUTES LES [...]

Multilingual workshops on the school system – June

2020-06-15T13:45:18-04:00June 15th, 2020|BNDG News|

Bienvenue à NDG est fier de compter sur le soutien de la Table 0-5 ans afin d'offrir des ateliers multilingues sur le système scolaire, l'école à la maison, la rentrée et la transition à la maternelle. Vous avez des questions sur l'un de ces sujets? Inscrivez-vous aujourd'hui! Bienvenue à NDG is proud to count on the support of Table 0-5 ans to offer multilingual workshops on the school system, school at home, back to school and transition to kindergarten. Do you have questions on any of these topics? Register today!

Social inclusion: multilingual awareness campaign

2020-08-17T17:07:45-04:00June 9th, 2020|BNDG News|

BNDG’s core values include respect and social inclusion. We are committed to promoting positive intercultural relations in NDG. To reaffirm our values and change attitudes, we are launching a multilingual awareness campaign to reach all residents of our neighbourhood and fight discrimination together!   Visit our page weekly; new posters will be available in the different languages representative of communities in our neighbourhood!  Don’t see your language? Contact us.  SEE MORE ON FACEBOOK PAGE As part of our multilingual awareness campaign against discrimination and reach all residents of the NDG neighborhood, this week we are presenting the poster in TIGRINYA. Don't forget to [...]

2020 Virtual Annual General Meeting

2020-06-02T14:21:44-04:00June 2nd, 2020|BNDG News|

Bienvenue à Notre-Dame-de-Grâce invites you to its 2020 Annual General Meeting. Thursday, June 25, 2020 - 7:00 p.m. You can become a member for a fee of $5 and participate in the election of new members of the Board of Directors or you can even run to sit on the Board of Directors. To participate in our 2020 AGM, please register by completing the Google form here. https://forms.gle/LwHCdb3PLBQLVhQTA The Zoom meeting ID and password will be sent 24 hours before the meeting. For more information, please contact Miguel: bienvenuendg@ndg.ca  514-561-5850 BECOME A MEMBER


2020-04-10T19:22:57-04:00March 15th, 2020|BNDG News|

COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE  POUR DIFFUSION IMMÉDIATE Montréal, le 14 mars 2020 COVID-19 : L’équipe de Bienvenue a NDG se mobilise pour soutenir les familles immigrantes nouvellement installées dans le quartier Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Conformément aux directives du gouvernement du Québec dans le contexte du coronavirus (COVID-19), Bienvenue à NDG annonce que les cours de français sont suspendus jusqu’au vendredi 1 mai 2020. En conséquence, le service de halte-garderie est également suspendu ainsi que les activités collectives et ce, pendant 40 jours. Dans le cas des services d’intégration en individuel, veuillez prendre note que les rendez-vous seront offerts uniquement par voie téléphonique. Les rencontres présentielles sont [...]

Bienvenue à NDG welcomes Logis-Action Tuesdays 1pm-4:30pm

2020-02-12T16:02:02-05:00February 12th, 2020|BNDG News|

Bienvenue à NDG is pleased to offer LOGIS-ACTION services at its offices on Tuesday from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. In order to reach the most vulnerable tenants in the neighborhood, and promote proximity to services, LOGIS-ACTION offers its services directly from the facilities of our partners who are frequented by tenants from disadvantaged areas of NDG. Our staff will be on hand to assist you with the translation. Contact us to make an appointment: 514-561-5850


Soon families from Ukraine will start arriving in Montreal and they will need a place to stay. If you can offer free housing or low-cost accommodation for a short period of time, please get in touch with us. We are collecting information about available housing in NDG and we will connect Ukrainian families that request help with homeowners who are ready to host them. info@bienvenuendg.ca