Drop-in Daycare Services and Activities

About the Drop-in Daycare Center

The Bienvenue à NDG drop-in daycare center was created in 2018 with the support of Table 0-5 ans in order to meet the childcare needs of parents enrolled in our Francization classes. The main aim of the drop-in centre service is to offer the children a safe and enriching environment to socialize in while their parents are in the classroom. Through its services and activities for families, the Bienvenue à NDG drop-in daycare center strengthens human potential and helps parents develop the resources and skills necessary for their integration and for the education of their child.


Please note that the drop-in daycare center is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are planning to reopen the center in October 2021, with priority being given to parents enrolled in Francization classes taking place in-person at our center. Starting in October, the drop-in daycare center will be open from Monday to Thursday from 9AM to 12PM.

In the meantime, we continue to offer a range of online and in-person activities for children!

 Drop-in Daycare service in NDG

Online Drop-in Daycare Activities during the Pandemic

While all in-person activities of the daycare center have been suspended since the beginning of the pandemic, Bienvenue à NDG has continued to offer activities and support to parents and families during this time. Weekly virtual Play Dates are organized every Thursday and/or Friday morning in order to entertain and stimulate kids with various crafts, games and other fun activities on Zoom.

As part of the educational activities offered in collaboration with Let’s Talk Science and Exploration Learning, children were introduced to the world of science and space exploration. Craft kits were distributed to participating families so the children could craft their very own Mars Rover while learning all about space suits. We also plan various activities for kids centered around cultural celebrations from around the world; this year, children learned about Chinese New Year through folk stories and crafting their own Chinese lanterns. Other activities include learning all about the animal kingdom, firefighters and police officers through crafts, stories and play.

In 2020-2021, our family community counsellor organized a total of 39 virtual activities promoting the parent-child relationship, as well as two in-person activities in order to develop better communication within the family and reduce the stress linked to immigration and social isolation.


Online activities are currently scheduled every Thursday and/ or Friday morning. With the COVID-19 restrictions slowly lifting, some activities take place in person, in a park. All health and safety regulations will be observed.

Registration is required and parents are expected to be present during the activities to assist their children if needed. To find out which activities are on the calendar, please consult our Facebook events or e-mail

Meet Sara, our family community worker!

Sara Picotto, family community worker at Bienvenue à NDG, organizes all of the drop-in daycare projects and activities. Sara was born and grew up in Italy, and, as a result, she does not understand pineapple on pizza! After completing her studies in translation and interpreting studies, Sara lived in different countries and worked with languages, kids and adults, acting as a bridge between cultures, teaching, translating and meeting people from every path of life and enjoying it immensely.

Sara moved to Québec 13 years ago, completely clueless about the weather. Her struggles with winter, immigration, finding information, services and her bearings in a new country convinced her of the importance of having a support network and a family. Three years ago, Sara started volunteering for the French conversation courses at Bienvenue à NDG and she found the sense of family and community she was missing; she has not looked back since!

Soon after, Sara started working with children and families, organizing activities, outings, games, providing support and fostering the warmth and sense of community she found at Bienvenue à NDG. And let’s be honest, overall she is having as much fun as the kids, if not more!

For more information about our Drop-in Daycare services and activities,

please contact Sara at (514) 561 5850 #218 or send her an email.