Pre- employment service for immigrants in NDG

We offer career development opportunities to participants and value their contribution to community development.

We offer career development opportunities to the participants and we value their contribution to the development of the community.

In partnership with the Carrefour JeunesseEmploi de NDG, the project aims to help a group of 10 to 12 participants to develop their skills in job search and  career planning. In addition, the project offers customized professional guidance, by allowing participants to obtain concrete and measurable results in their professional life (coaching), with a focus on entrepreneurship and business creation. In addition, through different training modules, participants have the opportunity to develop their skills in the Organization of events, Office and business French skills. At the end of the project, an internship in one of the agencies of the community or a business organization of events allows them to put the knowledge acquired into practice, to establish links with possible employers or to start their own worker co-op.

This program allows participants to develop their abilities and job search skills while helping them to become aware of cross-curricular competencies they have (linked to their past experiences). In addition to the need for such a program, in Bienvenue à NDG participants, we believe that candidates with skills in event organization are in high demand inside and outside the district.