Services for newcomers in NDG Montreal - information kiosks

We hold information kiosks to directly inform immigrants about services, organizations and the activities of the community being available to them.

Our team (multi-lingual psycho-social facilitators) assist immigrants by listening to them during our kiosks (In different NDG places like public schools, festivals, events, etc.), answering to their concerns and referring them to the services and organisations where they can find the adequate support; We also provide follow-up if necessary, and encourage the participation of newcomers in the community.

The first contact is always made in French language. If our facilitators find difficulties in the communication, they offer the option to clients to express themselves in the language they feel most comfortable (Mandarin, Spanish, Arab, Russian, etc.) and to find more information in our offices. 

Our approach allows immigrants to feel welcome, heard and respected. This reduces the level of stress related to the integration process. 

Our community network has enabled us to develop different first points of contact, offering hospitality to families directly in NDG organizations. The NDG food depot is an example: newcomers who receive food service there will also have the possibility to access all of our programs.