Services for newcomers in NDG -Workshops and Cultural Activities

We organize and animate social integration activities that bring individuals together in cultural activities and training workshops.

After establishing contact with immigrants, social training activities promote social interaction. It also allows to break the isolation of certain families and to facilitate their integration through the provision of training adapted to the needs of the participants.

Immigrants often have few opportunities to expand their social network and to get to know the community and organizations that make it up.  They often need opportunities to leave their homes and participate in activities that will allow them to create links and learn more about life in Quebec. Having friends and friends with similar interests is a key success factor in the integration of immigrants.

In addition, training offered by Bienvenue à NDG (education, housing, employment, budget, etc.) allows for a better understanding of the host society: its values, the way it works and it also helps  newcomers to better engage in the life of their host society. Workshops include topics that are chosen by immigrants themselves, which help them reinforce their knowledge and skills and also strengthen the sense of control over their life: a step towards better integration.